Friday, January 29, 2016


Today I was reading a book that was suggested to me sometime back.  I have read it before and lined, highlighted, and circled areas that pertained to me.

In my 65 years I have gone through many circumstances that I considered good and bad.  One of the key things that have caused me problems is assumptions and resentment.
Looking at someone else's actions or non-actions I have assumed certain things about them.  I did not wait on the Lord to show me the truth, but listened to others who thought the same as myself.  I believe we call this "self-righteousness." 

Through certain trials in my life the Lord showed me how we all assume things by what we see or hear ourselves or from others.  We then act on those assumptions.  We become resentful of our lives or the people in them.  We can become angry, resentful, etc.

One thing I know is the Lord put these people and circumstances in my life to teach me.  Granted I have created some of these problems myself.  But God is always able to teach me when I am willing to listen TO HIM.  He did not forsake me even in my sin. 

If you read your Bible you will see over and over how sinful we all are and how many in the Bible did the same things as we do.  We can learn from that if we are willing, and do not continually think we have to be the right one.  Maybe we should ask the Lord-show "ME"  if I am wrong.
Below is a quote from the Book I read.

Finding God's Path through your Trials-by Elizabeth George
Page 113-114-quotes from

Resent:  Instead of getting onboard and marching forward into the trial in front of us, we resent the roles others play in our difficulty.  Although God is absolutely sovereign in our lives, we mistakenly think others have contributed to our coming to this particular place of pain and suffering. 
But God has a grand plan for our trials.
Resentment is a growth killer.
It is easier to resent our husbands, our job or his job, our children and the trials having them brings each day, or our singleness than it is to face our trials head-on.  It is easier to feel bitter about our in-laws, our parents, our bosses ( and on and on the list of resentees goes) than to grow up out of this immature practice. 
God is at work in life through people--with all their quirks and irritations, with all their shortcomings and sinful behavior.

Over the years I have come to learn that God's plan is for us to be servants to others, not ourselves.  I hope this helps someone today to go forward and not retreat from their trials.

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