Saturday, September 5, 2015


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I smiled and put a hand on his shoulder and said "Foolish bantering

makes fools of the wisest men.

No matter what you do, there are going to be some people that will

find fault in what you do or say.  They are going to criticize, nit-

pick, demean, and accuse you of things that you did not intend to

even do.

You cannot win an argument with these people. Why? Because

facts, logic, and kindness are not their intention. Their intention is a

fight. They don't care if you're right. Shoot, they don't even care if

they are right. They just want an argument.
They fight because they are hurt. Sometimes it is because they have

an over-inflated sense of pride to make up for their lack of self-

esteem. Other times it is because they are jealous or envious. And

still other times it might be because they are simply a jerk.
But if you call yourself a follower of Christ, do not engage in

meaningless arguments that only lead to strife and conflict. Just let

it go. The only way you can win is by not arguing. It's tough, but

you can do it.
23 Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments,

because you know they produce quarrels. 24 And the Lord’s

servant must not be quarrelsome but must be kind to everyone, able

to teach, not resentful. -2 Timothy 2:23-24
"You've done nothing by besting a fool."