Tuesday, December 22, 2015


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Our lives involve so many little details.  Day to day we do the little things that are routine.  I often use to think is this the Christian life.  What ever happened to ministry, to that romantic thought of spiritual life we are suppose to live.

With the new year coming up I thought I would post on the way life for most of us is.

We get up and we fix breakfast, go to work, or stay at home and do are daily duties.  We eat lunch and dinner and rest a little in the evening and go to bed.  Get up and start all over again.

The one thing we forget is that during a day we have many opportunities to just be obedient to Christ.  To listen to a friend or family member.  Take care of our families.  Even clean the toilet or change a diaper.

It may seem insignificant but what is insignificant to us is not to the Lord.  He wants us to be obedient in the little things in life he has put before us, as well as what we may call spiritual things.

Even the little prayers we say during the day and leaning on Him are of significance to Him. 

As Elizabeth Elliot said in her book "Be Still My Soul,"

Our obedience may lead us not to the fulfillment of our ideals but to very unexpected and "unspiritual situations.

The Way of the Cross is an ordinary street in an ordinary city.  It is an ordinary life lived in the grace of God.

So when you feel the little things you do are not significant just remember the Lord considers your obedience to do them significant.

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