Tuesday, February 3, 2015


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Some years back my daughter, was lead by the Spirit to give me a little book called Deserts of the Heart by Pamela Reeve  She said she never looked inside to see what it said. She was just led by the Spirit to send it to me. There is some irony in her giving me that book then, but I will not go into that. It is of a personal nature. 

This little book has refreshed me and confirmed for the second time I was to keep quiet in my situation.  

The words of wisdom have given me hope and comfort through some tough trials in the last few years. I am sure some of you have been in similar circumstances in your life as well. 

Most of us when going through a Desert situation long for the "way it use to be."  God would have us to trust him and move on with Him. 

If you are going through a Desert situation, my heart goes out to you.  May the Lord give you comfort also.

Today I will give you some valuable truths and comforts from this book I have read.

All of the scenes, all of the voices, seemed to play over and over again in my mind.  What if I had done this? What if I had said that? What if I had proved point A? What if I had yielded on point B? Was it my fault after all? Did I sin in this?
When at the last hearbreaking minute that plan fell through, it became clear to me that this way of life was over.
God was saying, "My daughter, it's time to let it go."
Let go? What a frightening, desolate prospect! It tasted like death.  Let go?  That meant crossing the nightmare heart of the desert--straight through the heat and deadness and pain--rather than skirting its edges.
Yes, I had always believed (in a theoretical sense) that "God was my all-in-all."  I believed He was who He claimed to be.  But now I was forced to step out in naked faith and prove His sufficiency in my life.
I would have to put the past pleasures and satisfactions right out of my mind and endure the ache of barrenness.  I would have to put to death those dreams of "what might have been" or "what might be."
I had to forgive those who had wounded me, rejected me, turned away from me.  What was the alternative? HATE?  BITTERNESS? VENGEANCE? TERMINAL CYNICISM?

Acceptance won the day.  What resignation, trying to forget, or distracting myself with a thousand activities could not accomplish, acceptance did.  As Amy Carmichael wrote, "In acceptance lieth peace."

Pamela Reeve states that this did not happen overnight it was a process.  A worthwhile process. We must allow God to work in our lives and the ones we Love.  She did come out on the other side to that pool of water in the desert that satisfies our thirst, and so will we.  


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